TennyPro - Tennis Practice Device
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Our tennis practice device is incredibly easy to set up and use, whether you're practising your serves, volleys, or groundstrokes, you'll find our device to be a breeze to use.


TennyPro is lightweight and portable, making it easy to transport and store, whether you're heading to the tennis court or simply moving it from one room to another.


You can adjust the speed, angle, and spin of the ball, allowing you to practice a wide range of shots and techniques.


We know that our customers want a tennis practice device that will last, which is why we've made ours with the highest-quality materials.

It's built to withstand the wear and tear of frequent use, so you can enjoy it for years to come.

We believe that everyone should have access to the best tennis practice device, which is why we've priced ours to be affordable for elders.

We offer great value for money, with reliable customer support to ensure your satisfaction.


Step 1: Water and sand filling for the substructure

Step 2: Tie the tennis ball with string to the base

Step 3: Hit the ball slightly upwards to prevent the ball from being pulled back to the ground by the rope


Material: PE

Colour: Blue

Base Size: 21*21*4cm

Package includes: Black rope tennis*1 & round base*1


Salman Haider

Verified Buyer

Really useful for my practice
I got this neat little product that is simple but very useful for practicing. Basically you can fill up the base with water and attach it to a surface. Then you can use the two provided tennis balls to be attached via strings (which are good quality!) and you are set. This allows you to practice swings without having to fetch the ball or have another expensive machine. I can imagine I will be using this a lot. It's portable as well and comes with a nice pouch to store everything if you need to travel or pack up. Would recommend.

John W.

Verified Buyer

Good product to practice with
Bought this for my 3.5 year old to use after seeing someone inthe park train with it very well. It needs quite a bit of space to play with so be careful if using indoors. All in all great product to help train for tennis especially for someone like my son who is starting to learn tennis in a more controlled environment - not having to chase and collect balls around a court. The multi balls allow you to replace them once they get work out and you can get replacement balls with the string as well (not that I have needed them yet).

Perlita C

Verified Buyer

Pretty good
Awesome! It helps me to improve and my practice! It really works just need to practice to get used to it.
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