FixitBra - Adhesive Invisible Backless Bras
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The FixitBra U-Plunge will become your new best friend for plunging necklines and backless garments. Offering shape and support, it works by sticking the adhesive cup under the breast and the wings create flattering cleavage. The backless strapless invisible bra is made of natural, soft and comfortable material.


This strapless bra improves your cleavage. Get better natural cleavage without straps and say goodbye to embarrassing occasions!


Simply hand wash with running water after each use and air dry it.


Thin edge and thick center hide your nipples. The bra looks natural and invisible beneath sheer clothing.

Several uses

Perfect solutions for tops, Blouses, Shirts, Strapless, Backless, Deep-V, Wedding Dresses, Swimwear, and Gowns. Easily packed and disposable, even for a trip.


1. Clean your chest with mild soap and water, then dry thoroughly.

2. Remove the protective film from the bra.

3. Adjust your breasts, then attach the cups to the skin by putting them on the breasts and holding them.

4. Press gently over the outer surface of the bra cup with both hands for a few seconds to secure the hold.



Verified Buyer

Exactly what I needed for certain outfits!
It’s been tough finding the right bras to go with low back/backless dresses that also have a deep plunge in the front but still have enough support in the front. If this sounds familiar then this is probably what you are looking for. I haven’t been able to do the pastie styles that only cover the nipples and need more support than what those have to offer. This was the solution. I got the bra about a week or so ago and spent some time wearing it around. When I first tried it on by itself I had thought that maybe it wasn’t the right size for me but it was important to put on the dresses to see that it worked together with my specific outfits to provide support and a nice clean silhouette. It checked all the boxes for what I needed for all the retro style dresses I own. I typically wear 34DD or larger. So I got a size D. I probably could have gone for a C since cup size doesn’t really mean the same across all of the band sizes since it appeared to bend/sag slightly when only trying it on. But again, it looks great once the fitted clothes dresses or tops are on so definitely fine as is. I like that the adhesive is reusable. (NOTE: It is VERY IMPORTANT to keep the plastic sheet backings for storage.) It felt a bit weird to touch at first, like those sticky window cling toys they used to sell in gum all machines. But it has been the most comfortable adhesive bra I have used. It stuck well, didn’t leave a residue, and didn’t irritate my skin which is prone to eczema. I was surprised to find that it did have adhesive on the inside of the cups since it had an underwire but honestly I didn’t even notice it after I had the clothing on. A lot of other adhesives are a bit painful and this wasn’t at all, it was very gentle but not flimsy. If I was sweaty prior to placing it on, I don’t think it would stay but it stays just fine if you sweat after putting it on. Cleaning was simple and needed to be done after each wear. I honestly don’t really wash my bras after every use and found that rinsing the adhesive portions was fine enough between a couple of wears before needing a full wash. Make sure to use water that isn’t too hot and also hang it to dry in a way that keeps the adhesive portions away from one another to keep it in good shape. I don’t put the plastic sheets back on the adhesive until it is completely dry. I really don’t have any complaints. It isn’t an all purpose bra but it is the right one for quite a lot of outfits that I have had trouble finding the right fit for!

Maka Lee

Verified Buyer

Fantastic Fit & Quality! Love it!
Let me just say I have a bridesmaid dress I will be wearing that is very low cut in the front AND back and no normal bra would work with it! I had a small panic moment of what to wear under it. This bra is perfect for any women who wants to wear anything low cut without having to worry about "the girls". I am relieved it will be perfect to go with my dress, and can not wait to try it on with it once it gets back from the tailors. I took some photos to show the fit and how it also looks seamless under a dress. The bra came with instructions, which are super easy to follow and has photos. Definitely happy I purchased this. I should get alot of wear out of it! It runs true to size, I am a B and ordered the B. It is nice that it's really good coverage also. The push up part is great as it feels like it adds more support to the smaller area I have to work with. I do think ladies who are more blessed than me this would "stick and stay" to them well. It has some good adhesion to it. Definitely happy with my new bra, and highly recommend buying!!


Verified Buyer

Sticky and secure, great fit, excellent customer service!
This bra is great for backless and low plunge tops! It takes a few tries the first time to get it just right. It is very sticky, but in a good and secure way. I got this to wear under a v-plunge low back bridesmaid dress and it works perfectly. I have tried the “chicken cutlet” sticky cups which sagged and did not work out. I also tried the small sticky individual nipple covers that are shaped like bunny ears that is supposed to prevent sagging, but those did not hold up well for me either. For reference, I wear a 34C in Victoria Secret bras. I got the C cup for this bra. It fits more like a full coverage cup. I am curious to try the B cup as well to see how that would fit. The extra side sticky flaps definitely makes this bra feel more secure than the other sticky backless bra cups I’ve tried. I also want to mention the superb customer service from this company! They were in constant contact with me, making sure I order the right product, and checking up on my order. I highly recommend!
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